Are BLDC fans reliable?

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A brushless DC fan uses brushless DC motors (BLDC motor) that have a cross pattern arrangement of four permanent magnets mounted on the sides of the rotor. Unlike brushed DC motors, BLDC motors do not require any commutator or brushes to operate.

The brushless DC fan is a combination of a powerful BLDC motor, shaft, and fan blades. These fans are durable, reliable, and highly energy efficient. They do not produce sparks in the circuit and operate noiselessly.

The initial torque produced in DC motors is quite high, and hence, brushless DC fans reach their full potential in no time. Their speed can be controlled merely by increasing or decreasing the voltage input.

Brushless DC fans are classified into two categories:

BLDC fan with Sensor Motor: These fans are equipped with a sensor – called the half effect sensor – that aids in detecting the position of the magnet.

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