What are the basic components of a motor starter?

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There are two circuits in a motor starter, which are as follows:

1.            Power Circuit: The power circuit connects the line to the motor. It provides transmission of electricity through the starter contacts, overload relay, and then to the motor. The motor current is carried by the power (main) contacts of the contactor.

2.            Control Circuit: This is the other motor starter circuit, which operates the contactor to turn it on or off. The contactor main contacts are responsible for allowing or interrupting the flow of current to the motor. To do this, the contacts in the control circuit are either opened or closed. The control circuit energizes the contactor coil, which creates an electromagnetic field. The power contacts are pulled by this electromagnetic field to a closed position. This completes the circuit between the motor and the line. This way, remote operations are made possible by the control circuit.

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